Starscape Donor Perks

Thank you for your interest in donating to the server! We truly couldn't do this without your help, and every donation is greatly appreciated. Click here to visit our donation shop!

Please note that ranks and perks can change at any time. Thanks!

Donor Ranks:

Star - $5.00 USD

/ptime (only in Creative)
colored text in chat and nicknames
can name pets
wolf, ocelot, pig, and rabbit pets
EndRod, Splash, Flame, Music, Enchant, Void, and Rainbow particle trails

Nova - $15.00 USD

all Star perks
/back to death spot (only in Skyblock)
can set 3 homes (instead of 2)
colored text on signs
magic text in chat, signs, and nicknames
colored text in pet names
bat, chicken, cow, sheep, polar bear, and horse pets
Heart, Angry, Magic, Colors, Ender, Green, Water, Lava, Crit, and Damage particle trails

Supernova - $30.00 USD

all Star and Nova perks
/heal (only in Skyblock)
/feed (only in Skyblock)
/repair (only in Skyblock)
can set 5 homes (instead of 2)
can wear pet on head
magic text in pet names
blaze, mooshroom, silverfish, spider, cave spider, endermite, slime, and magma cube pets
Cloud, Witch Magic, Spark, White Magic, Snow, Smoke, Spell, Slime, Breath, and Totem particle trails